July 4, 2014

{Make It} Pretty Coupon Organizer

As promised in my last post, today I'm going to show you how I turned my oh-so-helpful little coupon organizer from plain to pretty.

What you'll need: 

Small 6 Pocket Organizer
Card stock
Washi Tape
Pretty Wrapping Paper
Label Maker
Glue Stick
Double Sided Tape

Unfortunately I dropped the ball on pictures for this one. It's really simple though so just bear with me!

1. Pretty up your card stock: The dividers in my organizer were really flimsy so I wanted to do something to reinforce them and also add a little extra color. Grab a sheet of your card stock, some pretty wrapping paper and a glue stick. Give one side of the card stock a good coat of glue and then apply your wrapping paper and smooth it out until there are no bumps. Flip the card stock over and use the edge as a guide to cut off the excess wrapping paper. 

You can kind of see here how flimsy the dividers were before. 

2. Reinforce your dividers: Either measure the width and height of the dividers within the organizer or just make a guess at it.  I measured mine then grabbed my ruler and penciled some lines on the back of my card stock to get as close to an even rectangle as possible. Cut the rectangles out and use a couple of strips of double sided tape to attach the card stock to the pre-existing dividers. 

Here's a little view of what your dividers should look like after. 

3. Add some color to your tabs: Although I don't have a picture of the before, the original tabs in this organizer were oval shaped. I didn't like that, especially since I wanted to attach a rectangular label. So I brainstormed for a second and came up with this idea. Grab some washi tape and cut a decent size piece off. I cut mine at about 2 inches. (the exact size needed will depend on the length of your tabs.) Then, starting at the end of one of your tabs, press the washi tape along the length to the the other end of the tab. Then fold the washi tape back, making sure it lines up with the washi tape on the front of the tab, and push along the back side of the tab. Keep wrapping the washi tape like this until you no longer have excess. Repeat on each tab!

4. Label it: I used my label maker to make labels for the tabs, however you can write them in as well if you don't have one. The labels may vary based on the needs of your family so really think about what categories you need most. Mine were Beauty, Tuck, Food, Home, Gifts/Returns and Personal/Misc. As I said in my last post, I think I'll be adding an entertainment tab to this as well. 

And that's pretty much it!

This little organizer has really helped me out so much! I actually remember to use coupons now, have a place to keep my return receipts and never lose my gift cards to the abyss also known as my wallet. Win-Win-Win for me!

Do you have another way of organizing important items in your purse?
What extra steps did you take to make it pretty? 

I'd love to know! Until next time...

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