December 31, 2014

{Wishlist Wednesday} Pinterest Overload

I’m on Pinterest overload ya’ll.

Don’t judge me just yet though. I’m definitely not a Pinterest mom (I’m not knocking those who are, they’re pretty awesome and I wish I could be more like that!)

Surprisingly, even though I have been heavily into DIY projects and reading blogs for as long as I can remember, I was never much of a Pinterest girl until recently.  Something about buying a house turns you into a crazy lady (who, might I add, can’t find a pair of yoga pants without a paint stain to save her life. Seriously, did I have to wear them all to paint?! Whyyy? Moral of the story: If you love your yoga pants just say no to buying a house that needs work).

Back to my point, it turns you into a crazy lady who notices every. single. thing. wrong with every. single. room in a house. I’m not kidding, whenever I was renting I never noticed even a quarter of the crap that I notice now.

A year into living here and we have at least one (unfinished) project going on in every room of the house. What can I say; we’re a glutton for punishment. We haven’t caught on to the fact that you should WORK ON ONE ROOM AT A TIME.

That’s where Pinterest has come into play. I have so many ideas for each and every room of our home. But there is no possible way to get it all done anytime soon. So I have found it super easy using Pinterest to create a different board for each area, and add all the items I like to each one so that I don’t lose sight of the direction I am trying to take in each room.

It’s also great because I can pin a bunch of ideas that I like and then decide what works best together and what I like best. Super helpful!

In honor of my new found appreciation addiction, I’m going to dedicate Wish List Wednesday to my favorite Pins so far!

Lace Window Pane

How darling is this? Since the moment I set eyes on this pin I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate the rustic lace look into as many areas of the house as possible. I might have a problem.

Plank Wall

I love, love and (oh yeah) love this DIY plank wall. Pallet wood is so gorgeous (FYI, this isn't really pallet wood. It’s actually plywood that was cut into planks and stained different colors to look like pallet wood. Pretty great idea, huh?)

Mason Jar Chandeliers

I have been obsessed with Mason jar chandeliers for at least a good 2 years. I've rarely seen one that I didn't like! And pretty soon I’m gonna have my very own because I’m enlisting (OK, more like forcing) the hubby to help me build one. I think the one below is probably my favorite so far!

Door Makeovers

I didn't even know this was possible. I've been sadly eyeing my cheap, ugly, faux wood grain doors for the last year cringing at the thought of how much it would cost to replace them (and realizing that must mean I’m stuck with them because there’s no way I would pay that kind of money for new doors). However, these door makeovers made me realize there is hope! Even the ugliest door can be transformed.

Television Frames

This is another one that I never would have thought of without Pinterest! I've always thought televisions were kind of eyesores, but with these television frames they are more like moving works of art!

Barn Doors

There are no words for how much I NEED one of these. Beautiful!

That's it for me folks (for now). Feel free to share your favorites with me below!
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