March 31, 2014

Tucker's Party; Pt 2 - Birthday Stats Chalkboard

Anyone with kids and an Etsy/Pinterest/Jane addiction has probably seen them. Birthday stats chalkboard images are huge right now!

Like this one on Etsy.

Their adorableness alone makes them worth the price tag however, after buying the digital image then paying to have it printed out, that price tag can start getting a little steep. And if you are working on a small party budget, that’s no bueno.

I really wanted one for Tucker’s party. But every time I saw one for sale I thought to myself “I could easily make that!”

A good friend of mine's daughters birthday is only a week before Tucker's and she made one for her party. It was really cute! Just as cute as the digital image ones I had seen. At that point I was sold!

DIY Birthday Stats Chalkboard

What You’ll Need:

Black Poster Board

Paint Pens


Simple as that! I found the hard, foam type boards at the Dollar Tree. That's what I wanted originally but they were like 8 bucks at the craft stores. Of course I didn't find them though until after I already bought my regular poster board. Sad faces.

The paint pens will be the most expensive part of this project. Even paying full price for them you are looking at a less than $10 project. However I highly suggest downloading the Michaels or JoAnns app on your phone. There is always a 30% - 50% off coupon available.

Another good thing is that the sky is the limit for this project! There is really no wrong way to do it.

Here's What I Did:

1. Created a border around poster board. Not a necessity but I liked how it looked.

2. Drew out the munchkins name at the top. This should be pretty big and the focal point of your poster board. They are the star after all! (If you don’t like your handwriting, you could always splurge for some stencils to make it look a little more polished)

3. Created the categories (you can add as many as you like) and wrote them out in different sections of the poster board:


• Things I Love

• I Can Say

• Inches

• Weight

• Birthday

• Favorite Book

• Favorite TV Show

• Favorite Toys

• Favorite Foods

• # of Teeth

4. Filled in the information for the categories (I would suggest writing these out on a piece of paper first just so you know how much you are needing to fit within each section. I didn't do this and wish I did.)

5. Added cute little borders around some of the categories and information

6. Used the ruler to draw straight lines between some of the categories

That's it! Very simple and cute project. Mine didn't turn out perfect due to poor planning and a limited amount time to work on it, but I still loved it!

If you make one, please share. I would love to see.

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