May 6, 2014

Tucker's Party; Pt 3 - Dr. Seuss Onesie

I know. I’m a slacker. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how it’s already been over a MONTH since I posted last.  But life gets in the way sometimes. Especially when you’re a full time worker bee, mom, and wife.

More and more these days I wish I could be a stay at home mom and work on projects to my little heart’s desire. So not gonna happen. Sighhhh.

Anyways, I know it’s a little late but let’s get into the final tutorial from Tucker’s party. The Dr. Seuss birthday boy onesie!

I can’t lie; this was probably my favorite out of everything from his party. It just turned out so darn adorable!

(Just a little note here, I've included an Amazon link for each item just so you can get an idea of what you’re looking for. (Unfortunately) I have no kind of sponsorship with Amazon and I get no credit for anything you buy from there. It’s purely for informational purposes. J I got all of my supplies from Michael’s or Walmart)

What you’ll need:

Felt (stiff if possible, in the color of your choice)


Hot Glue


Step 1: Create the bow tie. I used this tutorial from The Creative Muster. The tutorial is for a headband but it works perfectly for this little bow tie. Also, I ignored the parts regarding sewing and just hot glued it together. It was super easy and worked just as well.

This bow tutorial from How Do You Make Yours looks super cute and easy too.

Step 2: Attach ribbon suspenders. I started by laying the onesie out flat and measuring from underneath the flap on the shoulders (shown in the picture below) to the bottom of the onesie on each side. I then cut the ribbon to that length. I used that as a template to cut my heat bond strips to the same size.

You’ll want to attach the heat bond strips to the back of the ribbon first. The heat bond is sticky once you remove the backing, so it will stick to the back of the ribbon so that you can line it up correctly and cut off any excess. I placed the ribbon with the heat bond in between two pieces of parchment paper before ironing so that I wouldn't mess up the ribbon.

Once one side of the heat bond strip is attached to the ribbon you can remove the backing from the other side, position on the onesie and iron in place.

Step 3: Create, print, and iron on name decal. Below is how I created my decal; however your iron-on transfer paper should have software that will allow you to create other decals if you wish.

Save the decal to your computer and open in Excel to edit.  Click on the picture, and then click on the Picture Tools tab at the top. In the top right you should see a Height and Width field. Change the Height to 3.14” and the Width to 3.19”.

Insert a text box and position it in the blank area of the decal. Click on the Drawing Tools tab at the top and change the Height and Width of the text (again in top right corner) to 0.81” x 2.44”. 

I used the Doctor Soos font for his name which can be downloaded here.

Once you have the name added, click on the text then click Text Effects > Transform > Chevron Up. This gives the text a cool little wrapping effect.

Next, click on the image then click Rotate and rotate the image horizontally. Also click on the text box and rotate it horizontally. The image has to be printed backwards in order to iron-on the correct way. 

It should look something like this after all steps are completed.

From there, follow the directions on the package to load your transfer paper and print the image. Cut out the decal leaving a small lip around the black outline. I did this just to be sure it would stick well and not peel up once I ironed it.

Also follow the directions to a T regarding ironing it on. I believe it says something regarding letting it cool for so many minutes before peeling it off so make sure you do that. Don't want to take any chances of messing up the decal!

Step 4: Attach the bow tie. I saved this step for last but you can really do it at anytime. Just place a dab of hot glue in the center of the neckline and press the bow tie in place. You could also add another dab underneath the tails of the bow to make sure that it stays in place and doesn't twist. 

And that's it, an adorable little birthday onesie. 

Isn't he just the cutest!?

Can't wait till next years party....

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