May 10, 2014

Kitchen Nightmare?

Okay, so that's a little dramatic. It isn't exactly a nightmare. Come on in and take a look then decide for yourself.

It's not horrible, but it is outdated. I just don't love it.

And since the kitchen is pretty much the heart of our home, I need to love it. Ya know?

The main problem is that it's way too dark. Even in the middle of the day, as you can see. The colors of the floor, cabinets and walls just seem to blend into each other.

One thing that doesn't  blend in however is that hideous purple back splash. Purple? Really?! Just to clarify that wasn't my doing. There was so much purple in this house when we bought it, it isn't even funny. We even found out that the carpet had been light purple...once upon a time.

Not knocking those that love purple, but it's just not my style. Not the shade that was throughout most of our house anyways.

Let's take a closer look. It doesn't look so bad in this picture. But trust me, it's purpleeee.

We've already replaced the floor in the kitchen, but before we did it was a white linoleum with flecks of pastel pink and purple. I really wish I had thought to take a picture of that beauty before we got rid of it. ha.

These are the drawer pulls that were on every drawer and cabinet in the house. I'm sure they are the originals from when the house was built 17 years ago. Tarnished, gold - in other words not cute. They had to go! Luckily this is another thing that I've already replaced. But you can't see 'em until the kitchen cabinet reveal :)

This set of cabinets is our current pantry. It's nice having so much space, but it just doesn't seem to work well as a pantry. I'm too short to see most of the top shelf for one thing. So I'm hoping to change this up. I want to add a pull out trash can and recycle bin in the bottom cabinets and use the rest for general storage items like paper towels, toilet paper, all that jazz.

This is what I call a waste of perfectly good space! Currently it just holds our trash can, broom and mop. But I plan on turning this into the new pantry once I can talk the hubby into it. He's not as...erm...thrilled as I am about all my project ideas.

The counter tops are a plain, light gray Formica. They are still in pretty good shape though, so I am just going to granite paint them and hope for the best until we can (hopefully) afford new ones later on down the line. 

This is part of the kitchen that I actually do love, our chalkboard! My husband's uncle made this for us as a housewarming gift and I just adore it. We use it for meal plans now. 

So there it is...

What do you think?! Am I crazy and it's fine the way it is or do you think it could use some work? If you have any ideas for this space, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

I've already started the remodeling of this room, so the next time you see it there will be some major changes going on.

Are you as excited as I am? Probably not but that's okay. :)

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