May 14, 2014

{Wishlist Wednesday} Country Rustic Pretty

My wish list is forever growing.

Seriously, it's sad.

I should just stop going to stores altogether. Especially Michael's and Target. They just have way too much cute stuff!

I can tell I've gotten older though, because where as my wish list used to be filled with clothes, shoes and makeup now its full of home decor, tools, and kid stuff!

Any who, I have a problem. This problem consists of adding stuff to my mental wish list and thinking that I'll figure out a cheaper way of making it later.

Then I either forget about it altogether to the point where it nags me so much I spend a week trying to remember what it was or... I just forget what it looks like.

So the other day I was browsing my local Michael's (bad idea), and it must have been the day of torturing Britny with things she can't have because every time I turned around I was finding something I felt I just couldn't live without! This was followed by picking each item up, throwing it in my basket, walking around in a circle a few times, feeling guilty, then hesitantly removing said item from the buggy and putting it back on the shelf, usually not where I found it (sorry, Michael's employees!). Yeah, I'm that girl.

I know...bummer. But it's part of being a responsible adult I suppose.

It gave me an idea though! If I take a picture and share with you guys then I'll never forget again! So therefore, it's Wish List Wednesday.

I absolutely LOVE this. The color, the hardware, it's beautiful! But I don't love it enough to pay 60 bucks for it. Next!

This caught my eye because I saw something similar at Cracker Barrel that I thought was really cute. It was an ampersand that was painted in a chevron pattern and it said "They Lived Happily Ever After".  I didn't even bother to look at the price tag on the one at Cracker Barrel because, come on, what isn't ridiculously expensive at Cracker Barrel?

This plain black version was $20, which I still think is a bit steep so I'll be on the look out for a cheaper alternative.

I really like the worn, rustic look of these frames. But with a 3-4 dollar frame (you can find some nice, detailed ones at Ross) and some acrylic paint you could easily make this for half the cost.

Sigh. This is so pretty. But I can't see paying $60 for it no matter how gorgeous it is. I'm thinking maybe I can find an old wooden window pane at Restore so I'm going to keep an eye out.

And last but not least this super pretty jewelry display. I'm always looking for jewelry displays...

mainly because I'll never fork over the money for them. :)

So there they are. I am hoping to find cheaper, DIY alternatives for these items that I heart. And as I do I'll be sure to give you guys some (hopefully) awesome tutorials.

Till next week...

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